Providing educational opportunities for geodesy and geospatial professionals

GCAP’s Mission

Enhance and extend diverse use of the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) in the specific region of the country where these advances are most needed.

Develop future leaders in geodesy and geospatial professions through new educational opportunities.

Provide broader impacts to society and the planet, including enhanced resilience to coastal and seismic hazards with improved monitoring and modeling capabilities.

Enable career advancement and upskilling for a diverse geodetic science and geomatics workforce in a currently underserved region.

A photo montage of 3 people at work surveying geospatial data

Publications and Presentations

Various GCAP academic publication journals

GCAP conducts groundbreaking scientific research on a multitude of topics in geology, geography, satellite positioning, topography, surveying, and oceanography, among others.

Our work makes positive contributions to salmon habitat protection, ocean health, coral reef restoration, marine vessel safety, coastal erosion, and much more.